American Express® Gold Card

A travel companion welcome all over the world
American Express Gold Card

Achieve more together: the additional card for your credit card

An additional card has many benefits. For you. And for your partner, child or any other person you trust.

American Express Zusatzkarte

Almost the same benefits are available with the additional card as with the principal card: You can use almost all the services and advantages with both cards. The principal cardholder receives a monthly statement for both cards with detailed breakdown.

Double points

And one other great advantage: You collect valuable points for the award-winning Membership Rewards® bonus program significantly faster with two cards. As a result, your wishes come true much faster.

Apply for the additional card for your American Express Gold Card today. We will pay for the postage for you. Please use the franked template for this.

Apply for additional card

Important information about additional cards

  • The additional cardholder does not have power of attorney1 over the card account or the cards. The additional cardholder only has the right to information that concerns the additional card.

1 This means the additional cardholder cannot make any decisions regarding the account or cards or implement them. If you would like to grant an additional cardholder power of attorney, please download the Power of attorney form and send it to us completed and signed. We will pay the postage for you. Please use the franked template for this.

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