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Contactless payment - simple and fast

Contactless payment makes everyday shopping easier.

How it works

The terminal display will guide you through the transaction on a step-by-step basis.


Watch out for the contactless symbol.


Hold your credit card against the contactless symbol.


Your payment will be confirmed on the display within a few seconds – finished!*

Contactless payment: the easy and fast alternative to cash

What does contactless payment mean?

Contactless payment is the practical alternative to cash. As with it paying for your everyday purchases is even faster and easier. Simply briefly hold your contactless credit card up to the payment terminal and your payment has already been made. Up to CHF 80* even without a PIN code or signature.

The card and terminal are connected by NFC (Near Field Communication) and complete the payment process without any direct contact.

What are the advantages of contactless payments?

Contactless payment makes your daily purchases easier and liberates you from the tiresome search for small change. Collect valuable bonus points faster and easier when purchasing a magazine or snack.

Are contactless payments safe?

Your contactless credit card is a safe method of payment. 
During the entire payment process the card never leaves your hand and therefore you always have control over your spending. The amount is only paid with close contact with the terminal and for amounts from CHF 80 you still have to enter your PIN code as well.

Where can I make contactless payments?

Contactless payment can be used worldwide anywhere you see the contactless symbol. In Switzerland this is the case at Coop and many other supermarkets, kiosks, ticket machines and new points of acceptance are being added constantly.

Look out for this symbol when shopping.
Fast, contactless payment is possible here.

Other questions & answers about the contactless payment function

* With amounts from CHF 80 and in individual cases you are asked for your PIN code or signature. Please see the instructions on the display.

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