BLUE from American Express

The credit card in transparent design


Mobile payment
Enjoy all the advantages of your credit card with Mobile payment.

half the annual fee in the first year.

Maximum security
The good feeling of being well insured all over the world. You can find all the information about protection and security here.

Installment facility
Flexibility and convenience for you within your credit limit

Transparent card design

  • The transparent credit card for all design lovers
  • An eye-catcher that attracts attention and is fun when paying
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The BLUE credit card’s flexible installment facility

  • Manage the repayment of your credit card spending yourself
  • Flexible and individual decision on the number of installments and amount within your monthly statement(1)
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Insurance(2) with the BLUE credit card

When traveling:

  • Personal assistance – a free assistance and information service available round the clock
  • Transport Accident Insurance – pay for flights, public transport tickets, taxis or rental cars using your BLUE credit card. You and all insured persons are well protected in the event of an accident using one of these forms of public transport.

When shopping:

  • Online Return Protection Insurance – your online purchases are protected. Even if you are not happy with the goods and the merchant refuses to take them back.
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Selects – offers for BLUE credit cardholders

  • Select extras and reductions especially for American Express members for travel and leisure (hotels and restaurants), shopping and much more
  • Monthly changing special offers near you – worldwide and online too
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24-hour service with the BLUE credit card

  • 24 hour customer service: 365 days a year, e.g. for requests or lost cards

Secure and fast – always to hand – the latest information.

  • cardservice – online access to your account
  • Whenever you want, wherever you are
  • Your daily purchases at a glance
  • Your customer service round the clock – for example, to place requests easily or reorder your PIN code
  • View information using the smartphone app too – convenient, fast and secure
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BLUE from American Express® with mobile payment

  • Make mobile payments simply in shops and apps using your smartphone or smartwatch
  • Securely protected with mobile payment: with the Samsung Pay and Apple Pay payment systems, your card number is never stored on your device or sent to the merchant
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pointup bonus program (on request)

  • Membership: CHF 40 incl. VAT
  • You receive valuable bonus points for every purchase you make using your credit card
  • Exchange these for attractive rewards. For example, trendy branded articles, free flights, travel accessories or paying card fees
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Annual fee

  • In the first year CHF 40 instead of CHF 80 (annual fee in subsequent years)
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Blue Card

You can use our credit card comparison to compare the benefits of the BLUE credit card with other cards.

1 The issuing of credit is not permitted, if it may lead to excessive debt.
2 Please refer to the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) to obtain the exact provisions (including sums insured and exclusions of liability).

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