Insurance benefits of your card

With our credit cards we offer cardmembers generous insurance and assistance services, wherever you are in the world. Benefit from comprehensive insurance coverage that includes the following benefits, depending on the product:

Transport Accident Insurance

If you pay for flights, public transport tickets, taxis or rental cars using your American Express Card, when traveling at home or abroad, you and anyone insured enjoy generous insurance in the event of an accident using one of these forms of transport (death or invalidity).

Personal assistance

The free assistance and information service is available round the clock in medical, legal and personal emergencies when traveling abroad. It organizes and provides you with travel information for example about the vaccinations required, contacts to embassies, consulates, lawyers or doctors and forwards urgent messages. The service also provides advances in the event of loss of travel money or for medical, legal and interpreting costs. In emergencies any urgently required medication or replacement glasses can be sent to you.

Allianz Assistance is available to you worldwide and round the clock on +41 44 283 38 38.

Travel Inconvenience Insurance

If your flight is cancelled or severely delayed and you paid for the tickets using your American Express Card, you are reimbursed for any expenditure on any necessary refreshments, hotel accommodation or rebooking. If your baggage is severely delayed on the outbound flight, you are reimbursed any spending on necessary clothing and toiletries.

Foreign Travel Medical Expenses Insurance

The free assistance and information service is available round the clock for further assistance with reimbursing costs in the event of an emergency abroad. The service organizes transport to the nearest hospital or home. It carries out search, rescue and recovery missions, even on ski slopes. The Foreign Travel Medical Expenses Insurance, which is included, means you are not left alone in the event of an emergency and reimburses any necessary medical costs, even for dental treatment as well as costs to stay at a rehabilitation clinic once you have returned home. If you cannot attend a business appointment due to an emergency on your trip abroad, the service organizes travel for your representative. Home Assistance provides additional assistance when damage occurs to your home while you are traveling abroad. If you should need legal assistance during your trip abroad, this service provides an advance for lawyer fees or court costs and Vehicle Assistance helps you with breakdowns within the EU and round the Mediterranean and assumes the repair costs. Allianz Global Assistance is available to you worldwide and round the clock on +41 44 283 38 38.

Travel Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance

If you pay for your travel using your American Express Card, you are insured against travel cancellation as a result of an accident or illness. The same applies, whenever you are traveling and have to interrupt your trip, be it for the aforementioned reasons or in the event of unexpected travel warnings or as the result of a serious accident or illness of a person close to you. If you miss your outward bound flight, for example due to poor weather or a strike, you are also insured against any hotel costs resulting from this.

Loss Damage Waiver for Rental Cars

If you pay for your rental car using your American Express Card, you are automatically insured against any damage to this vehicle. There is also insurance protection in the event of theft of the rental car.

Luggage Insurance

If you paid for your travel using your American Express Card, the personal luggage of all insured persons is insured against theft, damage and destruction.

Purchase Protection Insurance

With your American Express Card you can shop at home and all over the world without any worries in the secure knowledge that your goods, with a few exceptions, are insured against theft, robbery and destruction. Therefore if something that you have purchased has been stolen or accidentally destroyed, you have a right to replacement, repair or compensation of your purchases within 90 days of purchase.

Return Protection Insurance

You are not happy with the goods that you purchased with your American Express Card in a shop online anywhere in the world and want to return them. If the seller does not want to take these goods back even though they are undamaged and work properly, the Return Protection Insurance protects you in most cases.

You can find the exact terms and conditions (incl. insurance amounts and disclaimers) in the conditions of insurance.

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