Shopping Insurance

From CHF 4.05 a month.

Shopping Insurance

Shopping is fun. And even more so with the new unique Purchase Protection Insurance. As you insure yourself against any annoyances with shopping for a whole year. At the same time it doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping in a store or conveniently online. All purchases paid for with your card (principal card or any additional cards) enjoy coverage.

Best price guarantee

Always ensure you get the best price with every purchase.

Purchase protection

Insure your purchases against loss and damage.

Extended guarantee

Extend the manufacturer’s guarantee by two years.

Safe online

Also protect your online purchases.

Benefit from purchase protection 365 days a year

So simple: Pay for your purchases with your principal card or any additional cards and your purchases are automatically insured. You don’t have to do anything else.

So valuable: You enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage for your purchases. And the best thing is: You also spare yourself any time-consuming price comparisons with every purchase or taking out expensive guarantee extensions!

For example, have you just purchased a new television? Not a problem! Your purchases paid for with the card up to six months before taking out the insurance are already insured too if the insured event occurs after the insurance starts.

Insurance benefits*

Maximum sums insured in CHF per insurance year

Geographical validity

CHF 4.05/month

CHF 5.75/month

CHF 7.50/month

Best price guarantee1,0002,0003,000Switzerland
Purchase protection1,0002,0003,000worldwide
Guarantee extended by two years1,0002,0003,000worldwide
Safe online1,0002,0003,000worldwide

* You can find the exact terms and conditions (incl. insurance amounts and disclaimers) in the conditions of insurance.

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