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Outstanding food: Taste Dining Program

Taste from American Express Invites® serves up over 400 specially selected restaurants around the world.

Taste from American Express Invites®

American Express Dining Program

Each restaurant is handpicked by locals in the know, from up and coming hotspots to hidden gems, each restaurant has made it onto the list for one simple reason – the food is outstanding. What’s more, we’ve arranged for you to enjoy a special something on the house whenever you visit. It could be 20% off the food bill, an appetizer or even a complimentary bottle of wine.

And with a selection of tasty recipes and tips from top chefs on the menu, there’s plenty to savor whether you’re at home or on your travels.

Simply identify yourself as an American Express Cardholder at the beginning of your restaurant visit, and you will benefit from this special advantage.

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